1 Pair Subscriber Terminal Block(STB); VX Five Point Connection Module

1 Pair Subscriber Terminal Block(STB); VX Five Point Connection Module The subscriber terminal block consists of a rectangular box base with a cover and two five-pole connection modules secured in a stainless steel plate. The top and base are hinged together, and the top is easily removable to...

Product Details

     1 Pair Subscriber Terminal Block(STB) VX Five Point Connection Module,  Tyco Drop Wire Connection Module, Telephone modules, user-friendly design, no need professional operations, the module with full gel-filled, fixed it with mounting on a standard DIN rail and can be mounted in a variety of housings in whatever quantities are required. The small footprint (2 cm wide) ensures a compact product.all the terminal block can be fast and easily finish telecom wire connection. The Drop wire module is used for the connection of outdoor to indoor drop wire. It allows for circuit testing in both network directions.   

    The subscriber terminal block consists of a rectangular box base with a cover and two five-pole connection modules secured in a stainless steel plate. 
    The top and base are hinged together, and the top is easily removable to facilitate working in cramped conditions. 
    The cable grommets for wire entry and exit may be adjusted to conductor size and are also removable. 
    A metal screw is provided in the wire housing recesses to secure the grounding wire.

Contact characteristics
Gauge range (Drop wire connector)0.4 to 1.05 mm Ø

Insulation diameter (Drop wire connector)

5 mm max. Ø

Insulation resistance

Dry atmosphere> 1012Ω
Damp atmosphere (ASTM D618)> 1012Ω
Salt fog (ASTM B117) > 1010Ω
Immersion in water(15 days in 3 % NaCl solution)> 1010Ω

Contact resistance

Rmaterial + Rbridge contacts + Rwire contacts< 10 mΩ

After climatic tests 

< 2.5 mΩ

After 50 reinsertions 

< 2.5 mΩ
Current conducting capacity

20 A, 10 A per conductor for 10 minutes at least without causing deformation of the module

(If > 20 A up to 30 A is required, this is possible using a different GDT)

Mechanical characteristics

Pair/drop wire housing screw:

Special passivated direct +lacquered Zamac alloy
Drop wire housing body:Transparent polycarbonate

Body :  

Flame retardant (UL 94) glass-fiber 

reinforced polycarbonate

Insertion contacts :   Tinned phosphor bronze

Ground contacts :     

Cu - Zn - Ni - Ag alloy
Continuity contacts:Tinned hard brass
Lower sealant:Polymeric resin
Upper cable sealant:  Silicone sealant
Pair/drop wire bearing cover: Nate
Plug-in module body:

Flame retardant (UL 94) glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate

Plug-in module sealant:     


“O”- ring:



Stainless steel
Cable/drop wire membrane:Thermoplastic rubber

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