3M Modular Splicing System.Splice module instruction

- Nov 02, 2017-

    Hongyi Telecom provide MS2 Modular Splicing System, including splicing modules, tools and applications. Applications are shown with dry modules only.

Splicing module3M modular Splicing system

MS2 modules will:

• Connect and cut off up to 25 pairs of conductors from both the CO and field at one time, without the

craftsperson having to strip insulation.

• Accept 22-28 AWG (0.6 - 0.32 mm) solid copper conductors insulated with PIC, pulp or paper with a

maximum insulation O.D. of .065" (1.7 mm), G module series .053" (1.35 mm).

• Accept a mixture of wire gauges and insulation types in one module.

MS2 modules have:

• Individual elements

• Individual cutoff blades

• Test entry ports

• Removable covers and bases for reentry

Super-Mini  MS2 Super Mini Test Module 4000D/TR

Super-Mini  MS2 Super Mini Test Module 4000D/TR

MS2 Super Mate Pluggable Module 4005-DPM/TR

MS2 Super Mate Pluggable Module 4005-DPM/TR

Half-Tapping MS2 Super Mini Half-Tap Module  4008 D/TR\

Half-Tapping MS2 Super Mini Half-Tap Module  4008 D/TR