ADC Krone Lsa Plus series 2 disconnection module 2/10 instruction

- Sep 29, 2017-

as we know we had never heard of KRONE blocks but now that I have they sound very interesting. KRONE blocks are another variety of punch blocks, like 66 Blocks or 110 Blocks but with a twist. KRONE Blocks were invented by the Krone Group in Germany back in the 1970′s, they were acquired by ADC which is now owned by TE. You can buy blades for the KRONE that will fit your 66/110 punch down tool. And I just read that ADC/TE have changed the design so that a 110 tool will work to terminate their KRONE Blocks, the fewer tools needed the better


KRONE Jumper

The twist with KRONE Blocks is that they automatically make a connection between the upper and lower connection points but you can insert a jumper that breaks the connection and gives you access to one side of the connections just like a patch bay.

The upper row is for the permanent connections and the lower row is for the ones that will be made and broken. The have blocks that will do 50 pairs.

A reason to use KRONE Blocks is better wire grip and electrical connection as shown below.

We may be using this for an up coming project to terminate monitoring lines.

How a KRONE Connects

How a KRONE Connects
1 = Wire Gripper, 2 = Wire Channel, 3 = Contact Jaw, 4 = Wire, 5 = Torsional forces of the contact, 6 = Return forces of the contact