Corning Distribution Blocks Series 71, 5-Pairs

- Nov 09, 2017-

    Corning Series 71 Blocks Cable Systems distribution blocks are used for both voice and data networks in the central office,cabinets and in private networks applications. With their reliable IDC contacts they are the interface between multi pair cable and the flexible, user-specific wiring (jumper-wire).In addition to protection of personnel and equipmentagainst overvoltage/overcurrent disturbances, the distribution blocks support quality inspection and diagnostic processes.

Corning Test probe5 pair  protector Corning


■ Double IDC contact

for interruption-free jumpering, high quality and reliability

■ Metal Chassis

used for the stable mounting of the functional elements and wire guides

■ Wire guides with double channels

to guide the twisted pairs to the IDC contacts and to ensure that the wires are well organised

■ Jumper combs

used to give a clear structure to the designated bundles of pairs per functional element

■ Suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting on wall-mounted or free-standing frames, 

according to the number of the subscribers that have to be connected