Fiber access advantages

- Jul 12, 2017-

Fiber access 

large capacity: fiber operating frequency than the cable using the operating frequency of 8 - 9 orders of magnitude, so the development of large capacity; 

attenuation: fiber attenuation per kilometer than the current capacity of the largest communication coaxial cable per kilometer attenuation is lower than an order of magnitude; 

body small amount of light: is conducive to construction and transportation; 

anti-jamming performance: fiber from strong electrical interference, electrical signal interference and lightning interference, anti-electromagnetic pulse capability is also very strong, good confidentiality;

save non-ferrous metals: general communication cable to consume a lot of copper, lead or aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. The fiber itself is non-metallic, the development of optical fiber communication will save a lot of non-ferrous metals for the country. 

(6)easy expansion: a bandwidth of 2Mbps standard fiber optic line can easily be upgraded to 4M, 10M, 20M, 100M or even G bandwidth. 

(7)up and down symmetry: optical media is different from the traditional ADSL telephone cable medium down the big line of small drawbacks, to achieve up and down symmetry. Optical fiber is a subtle and flexible medium that transmits light. Optical fiber cable is composed of a bundle of optical fiber, referred to as fiber optic cable. 

Fiber optic cable is the most effective transmission of a transmission medium, its advantages and advantages of similar fiber, mainly in the following areas: 

(1) wide band; 

(2) good electromagnetic insulation performance: the cable is transmitted in the beam, the beam from the outside electromagnetic interference and the impact, and itself does not radiate the signal, so it is suitable for long-distance information transmission and require a high degree of security occasions. Of course, the difficulty of the tap is inherent in its puzzle, because the cut cable needs to regenerate and re-send the signal; 

(3) attenuation is small: it can be said in the longer distance and range the signal is a constant;(4) the interval between the repeater is large, so the number of repeaters of the whole channel can be reduced, the cost can be reduced and the transmission quality is very good. While the coaxial cable and twisted pair every few hundred meters need to connect a repeater.