How to connect a network cable

- Jun 12, 2018-

How to connect a network cable

1, the connection is not correct, fiber optic modem if you do not pass the brush machine, generally only identify a port (a LAN port), other LAN port can not be connected to the network, but after connecting the network cable will show "restricted or no connection" (namely exclamation point) .

2, if there is "network cable has been pulled out", it should be a network cable failure or network card failure, network cable, and the route can be connected to the modem's line swap, that is, the blue line would have been connected to the computer, plug into the modem and In routing, if the two lights on the LAN port on the modem are on, there is no problem with the blue line.

3, at this time you can check the computer's fault, the computer can consider reinstall the driver, although the chance is not, but try, if the same, consider replacing the card, such as USB card, you can also consider the USB wireless network card, or can not use the security Software, network reset, reset, or system repair

4, Finally, you can consider the power supply problem, because the power supply power is insufficient, it will also produce this failure. After dealing with the above problems, it will return to the routing problem. The computer connects to the network and can directly connect the modem, but the current network has been routed to take over, you need to connect On the route, the route is already full. You may consider purchasing one more "switch" and one network cable. Pull the other line on the non-bay port (that is, connected to the modem) on the route and insert it into the switch. The network cable of the computer is also plugged into the switch. Finally, the network cable purchased is inserted into the router and the other end is inserted into the switch.