How to install un-shielded patch panels

- Nov 22, 2017-

   PE2438XX Series Patch panel is high-speed and high-density design for network solutions. Exceed the TIA/EIA 568B2 standard transmission. with cable management bar for cable how to installation for patch panel. let us introduce  step by step:

patch panels installationpatch panel installation

cat 6 cable

1.Use cable stripper rotate several times.  and remove approximately 

45mm of the cable sheath and separate the 4 pairs. carefully cut back

 the central plastic separator flush with the cable sheath.

cat 6 panels

2.Take the patch panel back,Then remove the panel cable 

management bar by gently pulling the ‘wings’ outwards.put 

the management bar outside.

punchdown patcha panel

3.According panel T568A or 568B color labels, Put the wires 

into the appropriate coloured IDC slots ,following the preferred

 wiring configuration. Ensure that the cable pair twists are

 maintained as close as possible to the point of termination.

Insertion cable tool

4.Useing a Krone or 110 style Punchdown tool,Punch  the wires 

down into the IDC contact.

how to punch down the panel

5.After finish all the IDC contact wire connection. Then put the 

cable manager bar on the panels and fix it.


6.Use cable ties fixed cable wire to the cable manageent bar.

and tighten the cable ties, reduce the excess tie.