How to make a network keystone jack and cable

- Sep 13, 2017-

  1. Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cable - This cabling can be purchased in large spindles at stores that specialize in cabling. Cat5 cabling is the most commonly used cable used today for networks.

  2. RJ-45 connectors - These connectors can be purchased at most electronic stores and computer stores and usually come in bulk packages. It is always a good idea to get more than you think you need.

  3. Crimping tool - These tools are often purchased at electronic stores such as radio shack. To create a network cable you need a crimper that is capable of crimping a RJ-45 cable (not just a RJ-11 cable, which looks similar to a RJ-45).

  4. Straight through cable (T568A)

  1. Computer to hub, switch, router, or wall.

Crossover cable (T568A & T568B)

  1. Computer to Computer with no switch or hub.

  2. Network device to network device. For example, router to router.

Network cable with wiresOnce you have determined the type of network cable strip the cable. We recommend stripping at least a half of an inch off of the cable to expose the inner wires. Don't be worried about stripping too much of the network cable jacket off since you can always cut the wires down more if needed later. After the network cable jacket has been removed separate the wires within the cable so they can be put into the RJ-45 connector.

The CAT5 twisted-pair cables consist of four twisted wires, each color coded; one a solid color and the other a stripped color. As seen below, most network cables consist of a green, blue, orange, and brown pair of cables.