How to use Double Crimping Tool RJ45 and RJ11

- Nov 07, 2017-

  Hongyi Telecom Provide many types Rj45 Connector punch tools to your choice, as belows we intruduce one types tools for installation.


RJ45 Crimp ToolRJ45 Crimping Tools

1. Hold stripper with cutting blade toward you.Squeeze the handles to cut the cable.

How to use punch tool

2. Insert wire to backstop for correct long strip length and to tab for correct short strip length.

Squeeze handles to strip. Relax handles slightly and pull off stripped insulation.

Networking Tools

3. Insert the cable with outer jacket removed into plug until fully seated. Insert plug completely

into appropriate crimp cavity.

RJ45 Tool

4. Squeeze handles firmly.Release and remove the terminated plug.

Tool instructure

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