How to use Krone Lsa plus Insertion Tool used series 2 connection module

- Sep 29, 2017-

   A krone tool, also known as a punch down tool, is used to connect telephone wires and data cables to network connection blocks. A krone tool is relatively easy to use, but you need to consistently use the right technique to avoid damaging the cables beyond repair. Practice the technique described below on some spare cables before you try it on the network cables or phone lines that you need to use.


Necessary Materials for Using a Krone Tool

As well as the krone tool, you also need the following items to successfully set up your network:

  • Copper telecom wire or data cables

  • Connection block

  • Safety glasses

  • Flat head screwdriver


Instructions for Using a Krone Tool

Begin by familiarizing yourself with your krone tool. Most punch down tools are between six and eight inches long and have a blade at one end. There is also a pressure adjustment screw, which you can use to change the amount of pressure that the blade applies to the cable. Practice holding the tool in your hand, finding a comfortable position with the blade facing down. Most people find it most comfortable to lay the index finger along the top edge of the tool, so you can use it to press down on the tool.

Stand in front of the connection block and hold the krone tool in your dominant hand. Pick up the network or telecom cable with your other hand and feed it into the connection block. Hold the wire firmly in place, and place the blade of the krone tool onto the terminal of the connection block. Push down on the tool, applying firm pressure to drive the blade through the cable. This action secures the wire into the connection block and cuts off any excess.

Gently pull on the wire to make sure it is firmly secured in the connection block. If the cable slips out of the connection block, use a flat head screwdriver to slightly increase the pressure applied by the krone tool. Then, put the screwdriver into the slot of the pressure adjustment screw on the tool and turn it slightly clockwise to increase the pressure. Try punching down the cables again, using the higher pressure setting this time.

Most krone tools have replaceable blades. If the tool cannot cut through the cable even on the highest pressure setting, you might need to replace the blade. Use a screwdriver to loosen the pressure adjustment screw as much as possible. This should allow the blade to slide out of the tool. Insert a new blade and tighten the screw again to hold it in place.