IBDN BIX Cross-Connect System

- Nov 09, 2017-

    At the heart of the high density BIX wall mount system, is the BIX Connector. This

uniquely designed, extremely compact connector is equipped with double-sided Insulation

Displacement Connection (IDC) clips.The benefit is a considerable reduction in the space

that would be required by conventional connecting systems of the same pair count. BIX

type distribution connectors are available in 4-pair and 5-pair arrangements.

     BIX installations require a few basic parts to produce a wall mount arrangement. The 

interlinking components consisting of 250-pair and 300-pair BIX Mounts,Distribution Rings

and Distribution Brackets are extremely modular, providing optimum flexibility to create

the very smallest to the very largest installation.

BIX ConnectorQCBIX1A module

      The BIX Connecting Tool is all that is required to wire a BIX wall cross-connect. The tool

has a cut/no-cut feature which allows for either a direct cut connection or a bridging

connection.The ergonomically designed BIX Connection Tool features a non-impact spring

activation which reduces installer fatigue – making it a favorite when it comes to wiring

large systems.

      BIX Patch Cords increase the proven versatility of BIX cross-connect systems. Cords,

available in BIX to BIX and BIX to modular jack configurations, allow for high density connections,

coupled with flexibility for cost-effective installation and administration. In addition,

the latest PS5 BIX Patch Cords offer improved performance in certain configurations,

while maintaining the customary BIX versatility you have come to expect.

      BIX Modular Jack Connectors use a combination of IDC and industry standard modular

jacks. Flexible and simple to administer, system patching can be fulfilled utilizing standard

patch and line cords. These connectors are pre-wired for T568A/B or USOC applications.

A full range of BIX Testing Accessories including test probes, test connectors, special

service guards and bridging clips, are available to facilitate installing and testing the BIX


     For proper system identification offers a full range of color-coded BIX Designation Labels. 

Designation labels provide clear line identification for easy system administration and maintenance.