Keystone Jack Termination Instructions punch down IDC

- Nov 20, 2017-

  RJ45 Keystone jack installation is very easy and fast  connection solutions, as belows we introduce UTP keystone jack how to install it.

180 keystone jackRj45 module

cat6 cable

1.Remove approximately 40mm of the cable sheath

and separate the 4 pairs.For Cat 6 cables, carefully

cut back the central plastic separator flush with the

cable sheath.

keystone jack installation

2.Present the cable at 90 degree to the rear of the jack 

and dress the wires in to the appropriate coloured IDC 

slots following the preferred wiring configuration.

110 IDC block

3.Insert the ‘nose’ of the jack in to aperture ‘A’ of the

Maxxam Comfort Tool to support the jack. Punch down

 the wires using a 110 style termination tool.

RJ45 module

4.Remove the jack from the Comfort Tool. Rotate the

 cable through 90o so that it is perpendicular to the

 jack and fit the wire retention cap.

5.Secure the cable to the strain relief flange using 

a cable tie, taking care not to over tighten it.