Krone Highband module solution

- Sep 20, 2017-

The use of KRONE’s HIGHBAND TM range within a structured cable system enables highspeed LAN and WAN systems “Maximum Headroom” in transmission performance. It is the only product on the market which far exceeds International Category 5e performance standards and even proposed Category 6 This improved cross connection system offers extended bandwidth capacity and transmission performance - a feature required in today’s cabling systems to meet the demands of tomorrow’s networks. HIGHBAND configures and integrates easily with all existing KRONE solutions and is part of the KRONE PremisNET TM range of cabling systems. It also forms a critical component of KRONE’s impedance matched TrueNet TM structured cabling systems. TrueNet is the first cabling system in the world to eliminate data errors in the cabling channel dramatically enhancing network efficiency and performance. HIGHBAND is space saving, easy to manage, and its ability to allow jumpering, patching, or Patch-By-Exception, makes it the most flexible system on the market today. When patching, HIGHBAND gives you proven reliability by the use of a centre port for the connection which is separate to the wire termination point. The unique design of the silver plated KRONE LSA Plus contact and its mechanical cable support gives you the most reliable and secure connection method available. HIGHBAND is manufactured in Australia under the ISO9001 Quality Standard and is sold world wide through the KRONE global distribution network.