Quick connect System 2810A/B,2810 Toolless modules,2810 blocks

- Oct 31, 2017-

Quick connect System 2810A/B,2810 Toolless modules,2810 blocks

    Hongyi Telcom QCS connection system including 2810A/B block and Mount Frame and Protection Magazine unit. More Feature as belows:

▶Tool-less Jumpering3M 2810A BLOCK

▶ Confident Connections

        Sealed: Gel filled and Hardened for the OSP Environment

        Easy-view jumpers

▶ Easy to use

       Low actuation force

        Pair-at-a-time termination    

▶Jumper / Cable sizes

       22/24/26 AWG

       0.65/0.5/0.45 mm

▶Modular Strip design

       10-pair strip modularity

▶ Back-mount frames – QSA/Krone frame compatible

      22.5 mm pitch min

      25 mm pitch standard

▶Feed Cable Termination

      Tool-less Field-Termination

      STG hand- tool for increased field productivity3M Toolless module


▶Protection Capable

      3 Point (OV)

      5 Point (OV + OC)

▶Test probes

      Single Pair

      10-pair/, 50-pair

Tool-less & Easy to use


     Tool free jumper wire termination

     Tool free jumper & cable option

     Pair at once termination

     Low operating forceimage.png


     Improved technician productivity with lower capital cost

(no special tools for jumpering)

     Minimal technician training and overall lower skill level required

      Increased jumper re-termination speed improves technician productivity

     Improved ease of use and reduced number of poor connections and reworked joints