Quick connect System 2810A toolless module

- Oct 11, 2017-

Quick Connect System 2810

Designed for your broadband network

  The Quick Connect System 2810 is the latest insulation displacement connector

termination system , the company that invented the IDC more than 50 years

ago. The QCS 2810 is a simple-to-use, tool-less copper block; an ideal solution for

outside plant applications. Whether in cross-connect cabinets or at the edge of the

network, the gel-filled, Cat. 5e compliant 2810 system is the solution.

New demands in an age of information


Every day, local loop providers work to provide enhanced customer services such

as data access with faster Internet transmission, video-on-demand and video

conferencing. Many providers are deploying ADSL2+ & VDSL2 over twisted pair

copper cable to meet these demands. As new technologies migrate into the local

loop, the importance of connections in the embedded plant increases. 3M provides

connectors you can trust.

Visual confirmation without signal loss

Contact integrity is critical, not only at the time of installation but over the life of the

connector. The QCS 2810 can be re-opened without breaking the circuit for visual

validation of the IDC connection. High-integrity gel encapsulation protects against

moisture and corrosion, and is designed to remain in place even after multiple wire