Tyco QDF-E Termination Magazine,QDF terminal block

- Oct 30, 2017-

 Tyco QDF-E Termination Magazine,QDF terminal block

   The Hongyi Telecom Provide Quick connect distribution frame(QDF) cable solutions.it used for the cable termination and connection.made of plastic body and metal IDC contact. QDF family of products provides a reliable, quick and easy to use system for wire management. The QDF-E magazine is a 10-pair agazine designed for applications in which there is or will be a need for protecting, testing or breaking the circuits. This includes distribution frames and on customer premises, as well as in outside plant installations.

QDF-E magazine blockQDF-E blocks

     It’s design provides built-in break-access jacks which can be separated for testing in both directions on protected as well as unprotected circuits, for monitoring circuit performance or for circuit disconnection. The breakaccess jacks also accept individual protector modules. The “make-before-break” design of the break-access jacks enables testing and patching without any loss of signal; a substitute circuit is established through the tip of the plug before it breaks the original circuit.  

    A wide range of  protection options is available, as is a broad selection of accessories, such as patch-cords, designation covers and wings, circuit markers and line-opening and line-grounding plugs.