Tyco VX module System Solution

- Sep 22, 2017-


The VX product range is designed to provide points of connection between distribution cable pairs and drop-wires entering the subscriber’s premises, whilst also offering the possibilities of line protection and testing.

Their resistance to many environmental influences makes them suitable for a range of both outdoor and indoor applications. They can be used in boxes, prestubbed or not, for wall and pole mounting applications, drop-wires or services connections, subscriber connections boxes, distribution cabinets, etc.

The basic unit is the connection module which connects one pair.

It is composed of several elements, as shown below:


This basic unit is utilized in the required multiples in boxes, either mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN rail or installed directly into the box . In such applications, both cables are field installed and the connections are re-usable on both sides. Pair stripping is not required, pairs are simply inserted through the cable entry ports (D) and can be easily guided into place through the see-through areas of the cable holders (E). Installation involves screwing down the driver screws (C) so that the wires insulation are cut by the IDCs contacts (G). Further, these areas are filled to enhance environmental resistance.


Pre-wired versions are also available with a cable stub, either as terminal blocks or in housings.

The five-point plug-in module is easily removed using the knob and may be replaced as necessary. It is an important feature of the VX product family as it offers an easy and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the system when network requirements change. Plug-in modules may offer simple continuity, or more complex features such as over-voltage and/or overcurrent protection, RC or RF filters, etc. They are jelly-filled to ensure water-tightness and incorporate an O-ring to seal off the connector area when they are plugged into the connection module.