Tyco VX-TBL in line terminal box; STB connection box

- Nov 08, 2017-

Tyco VX-TBL in line terminal box; STB connection box


    The box consists of a body and cover which house VX modules on a DIN rail.

Provision for wall mounting is incorporated in the body of the box.

    The lid has various opening positions, which can be selected according to the

amount of working space available, and is also fitted with a seal to limit water entry.

    Grommets are provided for dropwire and pair access.

    The box locking mechanism is mounted in the base and is effective on closing

 the box;to open the box again a special key or a screwdriver is required depending

 upon the lock type.

    The connection modules are designed for mounting on a standard DIN rail and can

therefore be mounted in a variety of housings in whatever quantities are required. The

small footprint (2 cm wide) ensures a compact product.

distribution box for 3MTerminal box for Tyco module


      This is used in terminating cables of secondary telephone networks to the cable

pairs of subscriber lines.

     The VX-connection module provides a connection point between an exchange-side

cable pair and a distribution pair. Itincorporates a 5-point plug-in module to provide 

continuity and a range of other options. Removal of the plug-in module does not disturb

wire connections but makes contacts to them available for testing to both sides of the network.

    It is especially recommended for:

     • outdoor connections where the environmental conditions are extremely aggressive

     • terminations where user development characteristics require future flexibility in

terms of the type of protection or filtering capabilities.

Drop wire module STB