what caused by fiber splice loss

- Nov 14, 2017-

  With the development of information, the fiber optic network has now been widely used in all kinds of industries. The technology of fiber splicing becomes very important. Now let's talk about the reasons for fiber splicing welding loss.

1. Choose the wrong  splicing procedures; such as the single-mode splicing process misselected with multi-mode;

2. Fiber end surface cutting angle is too large;

3. Optical system is dirty, main as reflective mirror, lens dirty;

4. V-groove dirty, fiber foot pressure dirty;

5. Electrode aging, resulting in discharge intensity is too weak; too strong electrode discharge can lead to excessive welding loss.

6. Displacement of discharge lead to excessive welding loss;

7. Fiber horizontal position shift;

8. Changes in the technical parameters of the welding machine will lead to excessive welding loss;

9. CCD into the dust can lead to excessive welding loss;

10. Splicing tray non-standard, melting fiber tube installation is not reasonable.FTTH box