what is better for fiber optic splicing, welding or cold welding

- Nov 14, 2017-

As we know these years Fiber Optic Splicing is  the most widely used to many fieleds. But which types welding is better:  welding and cold welding.

Splicing modular boxFiber splicing box

Cold welding connection, with rapid construction, easy operation and so on. At the same time, it is also necessary to prepare two optical fibers in the field with strong construction strength; the connection performance is completely dependent on the matching liquid; the coating tightness can not reach the requirement of entering the site.

Fusion, the optical fiber in the end of the sheath protection and fixation will not be bent, continued good performance, high stability, long life and other advantages. At the same time the practice also has a relative cost; plugging and unplugging the connector easy to break fiber; test fusion pigtail pigtail after peeling, cutting bad scrapped, the use of high cost; continued unsuccessful, can not be repeated use of such shortcomings.

Recently, some companies have improved the cold junction package technology to pre-package the home optical cable with the pigtail pigtail or the pigtail pigtail in the factory. When the field is in use, , Just 10 seconds after the operation, anti-pull to enhance, but also on the quality of continuous light detection, troubleshooting troubleshooting. Through the pigtail grinding to ensure the quality of the continuation, reducing the dependence on the matching solution; more convenient for high-strength fiber optic cable fixed; through the long fiber through the cleaning process can be repeated use and other performance improvements.

To this end, the industry has some controversy, the optical fiber is connected in the end is better cold junction, or welding better, then, according to their own understanding or personal experience, you think the optical fiber to continue cold welding, welding which is better?