Network Cabling Project Is What Kind Of Work

- May 08, 2018-

The cabling system engineering project is closely related to the network cabling project. The integrated cabling is a transmission platform for the network cabling project. A reasonable layout will bring great convenience to the network topology. Although the investment in integrated cabling is not large in the total investment in network cabling project construction, their establishment will directly affect the optimization and quantification of network engineering. In intelligent buildings, property management, building monitoring automation, office automation, etc. are inseparable from the support of computer networks. Without a computer network system, intelligence cannot be realized. Therefore, implementing an integration system for a network system is a long way to go. It is reasonable to say that system integration will enable each system to be carried out in an orderly manner throughout the entire construction process, and it is very necessary to ensure the quality of project construction.


According to the basic construction program, the integrated wiring adopts the dark wiring method. It is necessary to cooperate with the civil construction to carry out the trunking, buried pipe, vertical shaft laying, and so on. It is also necessary to carry out the construction and installation of equipment, etc., which are the installation companies. The strengths, with the understanding of civil construction, can easily ensure the construction quality. The completion of the concealed pipe network prepares the on-site construction environment for integrated cabling, making it easy to implement cables and installation equipment.

The construction of the integrated wiring project is closely related to the construction of civil engineering, but it is more advanced than the network project. It is more advantageous for the installation company to complete this work. After the completion of the integrated wiring, the integrated company will carry out the construction of network engineering and system integration, and the quality of the entire project will also be guaranteed.