The World's First China-Europe High-speed Land Optical Cable System Was Completed

- Nov 06, 2017-

The Russian telecom company TransTeleCom recently announced that it has successfully completed the construction of a land optical cable system connecting Manchuria, China with Begarsk, Russia.


It is learned that this land optical cable system is jointly funded by TransTeleCom and China Telecom. It is a new 100G network interconnection project connecting the border areas of the two countries.

Earlier this year, TransTeleCom completed the conversion of its international backbone business into Long Haul DWDM technology. 20000km LH DWDM network provides up to 80 100G optical fiber data transmission channels.

According to reports, this is the world's first high-speed terrestrial optical cable system connecting China and Europe. In the future, it will also connect to Frankfurt, Germany, by connecting the existing fiber optic cable system in Russia.

Not only that, the system will also provide alternative routes for the current submarine cable systems connecting Asia and Europe to meet the growing data transmission needs in Europe and Asia.