China Mobile Acquires Brazilian Oi

- Nov 30, 2017-

According to Total Telecom, rumors of a Chinese company's acquisition of Brazilian mobile operator Oi have surfaced again this week, with Anatel saying China Mobile and China Development Bank will become potential investors in troubled Oi companies .

According to Valor Economico, a Brazilian financial publication, Anatel Director Juarez Quadros told reporters that China Mobile has expressed interest in Oi. Anatel said China Mobile is the second Chinese telecom operator to hand over Olive Branch to Oi after China Telecom.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that China Telecom may be willing to pay as much as $ 6 billion to acquire a majority stake in Oi. Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom in October, said in an interview that "China Telecom has been actively seeking overseas expansion and has inspected a number of potential investment projects, including Oi, but has not yet made a decision on investment or not. The company Will make timely disclosure of information. "This is China Telecom so far the most clear Oi public statements.

China Mobile had previously contacted Oi. Brazil's EXAME magazine said in September that China Mobile had already held talks with Anatel on the acquisition. Although the media did not say that it was a direct reference to regulators, but claimed the news from anonymous sources.