Corning OFC Showcases Innovative New High-density Ribbon Cable 2018

- Mar 12, 2018-

Corning announced today its latest fiber optic cable innovation, the Rocket Ribbon, an ultra-dense fiber optic cable. This is a next-generation ribbon cable that can be installed 30% faster than other high-density ribbon cables for data center and telecom applications.

The Rocket Ribbon Ribbon Cable utilizes Corning's latest fiber optic cable design innovations to enable greater capacity transmission in the same pipeline. The fiber optic cable achieves a density of up to 3456 core fibers in the same diameter as the existing center and bundle of tubular cables. In addition to increasing density, it also supports more convenient management, identification, and tracking, all of which greatly speed up the installation process and reduce maintenance costs.

The Rocket Ribbon cable uses a patented manufacturing process to implement up to 12 individual protected subunits, each consisting of 288 cores. Squeezed color jackets provide protection for each bundle of fibers, and can support direct and simple routing to the fusion tray without the need for additional materials, tape forming processes or bifurcation processes. The Rocket Ribbon utilizes the next generation of cable manufacturing technology while maintaining the advantages of the previous generation of the ribbon cable.

Bernhard Deutsch, head of the fiber optic cable business at Corning, said that Corning's industry leadership and unique technological innovations have attracted customers to Corning to find solutions to important problems. The launch of the Rocket Ribbon ribbon cable is exactly how Corning and customers work together to help customers meet their challenges. In this case, Corning developed a new cable protection and sub-unit technology to provide customers with simple and fast optical fiber identification and connection means. This fiber optic cable is another proof of Corning's innovation.