Fiber Optic Industry Will Continue To Benefit Woth Global Fiber Network

- Oct 09, 2017-

From the global fiber optic cable demand level analysis, overseas access network copper technology accounted for up to 68%, FTTx coverage of about 30% of the overall trend in the global fiberization, the future of overseas fiber space more potential. The next five years, overseas demand compound growth rate to maintain more than 10%, global growth is expected to remain more than 7%. From the domestic demand for the three major operators point of view, the domestic high-profile fiber will last at least 2-3 years.

The global network of fiber optic fiber optic cable industry will continue to benefit

In addition, 5G million objects of the era is coming, "5G base station densification + forward fiber network" to open the new space for fiber growth.

A research institute predicts that the 5G uses a centralized base station architecture, along with the CU / DU two-tier architecture, which will bring new demands for forwarded network fiber. The city core area of the future 5G base station with fiber demand will be FTTx 50% -300%.

With the scale of use, fiber-optic network cost has been more than a copper network. In the global operators to rush 5G of the environment, these fiber demand is expected to come in advance. At present, the global government, operators and tower companies, for the layout of 5G have accelerated the investment in fiber-optic networks, to promote the global price of optical fiber in unison, but also directly promote the expansion of fiber manufacturers