Folding Dedicated Telecommunication System

- Jul 12, 2017-

Folding dedicated telecommunication system 

     A dedicated telecommunication system is a system composed of a fixed channel in a pair of fixed user terminals. If the user terminal is a transmitter terminal, the other is the receiver terminal, which is a one-way communication system; If both terminals have the function of transceiver, and the channel can transmit signals in both directions simultaneously, it is a duplex system in two-way communication. If the terminal cannot send or receive the signal at the same time and the signal is not sent to both directions simultaneously, it is a simplex system; One end is duplex, one end is simplex system is half duplex system. One-way communication system communication, generally for regular time and receive mode. 

     When communicating with a duplex system, a call notification must be issued to communicate after receiving the response signal. The simplex system can only make a continuous call and then transfer to the receiving state to wait for the response, if no reply is required to repeat the call.