Globe And Huawei Together To Complete The World's First FDD Massive MIMO Commercial Network

- Feb 26, 2018-

2018 World Mobile Congress approaching, the Philippines, Globe and Huawei to complete the world's first commercial deployment of Massive MIMO products based on FDD standard. The introduction of FDD Massive MIMO, based on the end-user inventory, LTE cell capacity to enhance 2-3 times, to provide users with a better experience.

Globe Philippines started building LTE networks in 2013 and is working to leverage LTE technology for mobile broadband and fixed wireless broadband services. With the vigorous development of its LTE network and the popularization of smart terminals, mobile data traffic is rapidly growing. Massive MIMO technology can maximize network capacity and coverage without increasing spectrum and sites, improving user experience and meeting user's increasing data experience requirements. It is also one of the key technologies in the future 5G era network.

Robert Tan, Chief Technical Advisor, Globe, Philippines, said: "We are committed to driving the data growth by greatly improving the digital life of our users through the provision of premium, fast Internet connections and the proliferation of video and multimedia content. A good user experience put forward higher requirements.MassiveMIMO technology can make more efficient use of spectrum resources to enhance network capacity and user experience to meet the explosive growth of traffic demand Globe GlobeBB and WTTx users.We are very pleased to see the timely introduction of Huawei FDD Massive MIMO commercial products, helping Globe network to 5G era. "

Xiong Wei, president of Huawei's LTE product line, said: "Huawei launched the commercial TDD Massive MIMO product two years ago and has already deployed the scale on more than 40 operators. It can be said that we already have profound technical accumulation in Massive MIMO technology Deployment experience, this time we introduced the industry's first commercial Massive MIMO product with FDD format, which has the characteristics of high performance, reliability and smallest volume in the industry, and we are very pleased that Globe Globe chose to use this solution to deal with the growing wireless data. We hope Huawei's full-system and multi-band active antenna technology will serve global operators and help operators meet the mass connection era, maximizing the value of spectrum, realizing digital transformation and continuing to evolve to the 5G era