Huawei Is Considering Introducing Blockchain Consensus System Into Smart Machines

- Mar 22, 2018-

   As the "blockchain" has become a buzzword, Huawei, the third-largest smartphone maker, is considering cross-border. According to foreign media reports, Huawei is in contact with Sirin Labs and hopes to get an authorization to install and run a blockchain app on a standard Android operating system. Both companies have confirmed the meeting but are unwilling to openly discuss the details of the period. However, the introduction of blockchain technology into mass-market hardware devices may help ordinary people understand what decentralized distributed ledgers mean.

   With a blockchain, it is possible to maintain a public, essentially anonymous, registry on a guaranteed, active device.

   Companies such as Huawei can use the blockchain system to register mobile phones, so ownership verification will become easy. That is, by associating with an appropriate distributed ledger record, a private key is generated to verify the ownership of the device.

   It should be noted that although Huawei is well-known in the smart machine industry, Sirin Labs plans to launch its own blockchain mobile phone.

   As of now, it has received more than 25,000 pre-orders. The estimated time to market is 2018 in the second half of the year and the price is around US$1000.