Huawei SPS Awarded Best Signaling Routing Solution For LTE/VoLTE At LTE Voice Summit 2017

- Oct 26, 2017-

Huawei’s SPS (Signaling Processing System) solution was honored with Best Signaling Routing Solution forLTE/VoLTE at this year's LTE Voice Summit. This award recognizes Huawei’s SPS solution achievements in technical innovation, industry contribution, and real-life application.

Huawei SPS is an industry leader that integrates STP (Signaling Transfer Point), DRA (Diameter Routing Agent), DEA (Diameter Edge Agent), and SSR (SIP Signaling Router) functions. The signaling solution is an all-in-one support for operators constructing 4G signaling networks and reconstructing STPs on their 2G/3G networks. Such converged and unified signaling networks have fewer construction and maintenance costs. As a unified routing platform, Huawei SPS integrates signaling on 2/3G, 4G, and eventually HTTP signaling on the 5G control plane. It simplifies network topology and shares user-level databases while providing unified signaling interworking and management. Traditional 2G/3G/4G signaling networks can now evolve seamlessly to 5G signaling networks.

"I am deeply honored by this award and grateful for the recognition. I credit Huawei's over 20 years of continuous investment in the signaling field." said Fan Wencai, Director of Huawei Cloud Core Network SPS Domain. "Huawei leverages experience and strengths to constantly innovate towards flexible, intelligent, stable, and reliable signaling networks for operators to meet evolution requirements and achieve business success."

Huawei is committed to working closely with global operators to promote the development of the signaling industry. At the time of writing, Huawei SPS is deployed on over 170 leading operator networks worldwide.