Huawei Won $ 71 Million NetOne Network Expansion And Modernization Contract In Zimbabwe

- Jan 04, 2018-

     December 31.Zimbabwe NetOne has signed a $ 71 million agreement with Huawei on the last day of 2017, 

    To date, NetOne and Telecel, the second state-owned half-dozen, have been underperformed on several occasions, compared to private Zimbabwean Econet Wireless. In terms of mobile currency trading, EcoCash has more than 90% market share.

     However, it seems that NetOne is trying to change the status quo.

     In November last year, NetOne launched an advertisement calling on interested parties to register as a mobile money agent for the OneMoney platform. Now, they have decided to hire technology giant Huawei to help them build more base stations - mainly targeted for rural areas to increase NetOne's network coverage in Zimbabwe.

     According to Zimbabwe's Herald, the $ 71 million will be used for network expansion and modernization, including the construction of 250 rural base stations, which will bring mobile cellular services such as mobile banking, Internet connectivity and high-speed data products to rural communities.