Israel Intends To Facebook, Google Levy More Taxes

- Nov 16, 2017-

According to foreign media reports, Israel will also join the EU and other teams intending to Google and Facebook levy more taxes. It is learned that Moshe Asher, chairman of Israel's tax department, pointed out that tax collection work has already started. Now the authorities are studying how tax is calculated.

Keeping pace with EU Israel plans to impose charges on Facebook and Google

Asher told the media that the final tax will be based on the company's operations in Israel. "Our goal is to get as much data as possible, even if the data is outside Israel and we will issue tax bills to them within one year." "

Israeli tax authorities have confirmed Asher's news. However, Google and Facebook did not immediately comment on the matter. It is understood that the launch of the new policy coincides with the OECD's push to reduce international tax avoidance policies. Asher said the OECD has appointed an inspection board.