Offers WaveLite Line For Private Optical Networks Product

- Oct 11, 2017-

Nokia has unveiled a line of optical transport platforms designed to meet the needs of enterprises who want their own fiber-optic networks. The portfolio aims to provide simple, low-cost transport when paired with dark fiber.

According to Kyle Hollasch, director of product marketing, optical networking, at Nokia, the growing interest in cloud services and edge computing, as well as greater availability of dark fiber, has piqued the interest of hospitals, banks, and other large enterprises in managing their own optical connectivity. Neither typical metro systems nor the new wave of data center interconnect platforms quite meet such needs adequately, Hollasch said, and therefore a new set of platforms makes sense.

The 1RU WaveLite systems, all currently available, include three multiplexing transponders (the Metro 20 and Metro 200 as well as theAccess 200 muxponders), an optical amplifier, and the 16-channel Mux 16 wavelength multiplexer/de-multiplexer with integral amplifier. The family includes options to accommodate 10-Gbps and 100/200-Gbps colored optical modules (the latter CFP2-ACO optical transceivers) as well as QSFP-28-based grey optics. The systems are designed for easy turn-up via a smartphone app. They also support AES-256 client- and line-side encryption.