Optical Communication(optical Terminal Box And Drop Wire Clamp) Industry

- Sep 14, 2017-

Status and Trend of Optical Communication Industry

Data show that by the end of 2016 China's FTTH users reached 2.28 million, accounting for 55 +%, only CTC users 117 million has more than Japan and the United States and South Korea 15 years to develop the total number of users. In the optical communication industry chain, from the chip, devices, fiber optic cable, prefabricated rod to system equipment, China's manufacturing base in the optical transmission equipment accounted for 40%, optical access equipment accounted for 70%, 25% Optical devices about 15%, becoming the world's most complete industrial chain and the largest manufacturing base.

Wei Leping said that with the national "network power", "broadband China" and "Internet +" and a series of development policies and financial support, China's optical communications industry development continued and strong.

At the business and application level, business application traffic grew by 47% over the past 10 years and 42% in the next five years, well above the global average of 22%. And the recent 4K and 8K, automatic driving, VR / AR, 5G will bring the arrival of another wave of optical communication development.

In the future, in these new networks, new terminals and new applications, driven by bandwidth, mobile networks will increasingly rely on optical networks, fiber resources and bandwidth generated a great demand.