Optical Terminal Box And Fiber Technology

- Sep 14, 2017-

Optical communication from 10G EPON into the XG-PON, the application of different scenarios, the main driving force is also different. Future PON development of the main use of the object is a home user, you can use coexistence with GPON program, although the GPON application than 10G EPON late, but already mature and widely available will be just around the corner. Although the access network is the slowest technological progress in the network, the largest investment, the highest maintenance costs, to achieve the most difficult part of all-optical network, but China Telecom to achieve the fastest access network fiber, FTTH become the largest operators , And is leading the global fiberization process.

In the future, the development direction of optical communication should proceed from two breakthrough points: First, the change of network architecture is moving towards the open network of hardware and software decoupling based on SDN / NFV. Second, the change of physical layer is moving towards silicon photon and new Generation of fiber and other innovative technologies as the representative of the new physical layer. Optical network after the introduction of SDN, you can achieve a real cross-network, cross-technology, across the entire network of centralized vision, and reduce network construction and operating costs This method is expected to best use the entire network bandwidth resources, shorten the convergence rate, , Ensuring that routing and performance are predictable.