Tanzania Telecom Invested 100 Million To Deploy The National FTTH Network

- Mar 07, 2018-

Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation recently announced that it will spend 40 billion shillings (about 110 million yuan) for the deployment of the fiber-optic home network covering the whole country.

Tanzania Telecom is the largest communications service provider in the country. Waziri Kindamba, the general manager of the company, said that the national FTTH project is the core project to enhance the construction of the domestic communications infrastructure. At present, pilot projects have been carried out in parts of the capital, Tamilslam.

It is estimated that the first phase of this FTTH project will be deployed in major cities throughout the country three months after the start of the pilot project.

According to reports, fiber optic home users will be able to achieve bandwidth connection speeds of up to 50Mbps