Telecom Exchange Equipment

- Jul 12, 2017-

Folding and switching equipment 

    The realization of a call terminal (user) and it requires another or more terminals (users) between the continuation, or not connected to the transmission route selection of equipment and systems, constitute the telecommunications network node (junction) point of the main equipment. The switching device chooses the called terminal according to the selection signal issued by the user terminal, so that the connection between the two or many terminals is established, then the routing signal communicated by the switching device.

    Switching devices include telephone switches, telegraph switches, data switches, mobile phone switches, packet switches, ATM switches, broadband switches, and more. With terminal equipment, switching equipment as the point, the transmission device as the line, the point, the line is connected to constitute a communication network, that is, the telecommunications system hardware equipment. But only these hardware devices can not very well complete the transmission and exchange of information, but also need to have a system of software, that is a complete set of network technology, the static network composed of equipment to become a coordinated, well-functioning dynamic system. Network technology including network topology, network signaling, protocol and interface, and network technology system, standards and so on, is the business network to achieve telecommunications services and operational support an important component