The First Phase Of Malawi's National Optical Fiber Network Project Was Completed By Huawei

- Feb 26, 2018-

The Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of Malawi disclosed that the first phase of a national optical fiber backbone project aimed at connecting 1,230 kilometers of fiber optic network systems to 28 major cities and regions in China has been completed.

It is reported that the project was launched in April 2017 and the first phase of construction began in July 2017 with the fiber optic lines from Mapanga to Chiradzulu and Zomba to Liwonde.

The Malawi National Optical Backbone Project invested $ 23 million to consolidate government operations and increase Internet access, especially in rural areas.

The project is being deployed by equipment supplier Huawei through transmission lines owned by ESCOM (Malawi Power Supply Company).

In November 2016, the Chinese government agreed to provide Malawi with a $ 21.7 million fiber network backbone project loan after signing the framework agreement