Verizon Officially Announced The Launch Of 5G Services In 3-5 Cities Next Year

- Dec 01, 2017-

According to foreign media reports, Verizon announced Wednesday plans to launch 5G home broadband services in 3-5 cities by the end of next year. It is reported that Sacramento, California will be the first city to launch 5G wireless home broadband services. Verizon said in a statement that the 5G service will be available in the second half of 2018 and other cities will be announced later.

"Verizon expects that the first 5G home broadband service will cover about 30 million family homes across the country," the company said.

The announcement came after Verizon completed its 5G trial in 11 U.S. cities early this year. Verizon said their confidence in the millimeter-wave spectrum of new technologies has made possible the introduction of 5G services.

"This is a landmark announcement for customers and investors who have been waiting for the future of the 5G," said Hans Vestberg, President and CFO of Verizon's Worldwide Network. "We are grateful to our strong ecosystem partners for their positive attitude and technical support in helping us move forward with the 5G industry standard, both for fixed and mobile applications." The announcement of our initial 5G service launch today will help accelerate the future global standard for 5G Deployment provides a powerful framework. "