ZTE Actively Promotes The Development Of Ceph Technology And Establishes The Benchmark Of Telecom Cloud's Distributed Storage Industry

- Mar 22, 2018-

The world's first Ceph Asia-Pacific Summit - Cephalocon APAC 2018 was grandly opened in Beijing. ZTE Corporation shared the technical innovations and best practices of the Ceph-based TECS CloveStorage distributed storage solution, actively promoted the development of Ceph technology, and created a telecom cloud distributed storage industry. Benchmarking.

The summit was based on The Future of Storage. Ceph community founder Sage Weil, Ceph community manager Leonardo Vaz, and Ceph Foundation executives gathered together top vendors, developers and heavyweight users in the global open source field. Through 8 community forums, including community development, enterprise application, and operation and maintenance practices, the Ceph community explained the sharing of vendor technology and user cases, and talked about the current and future of Ceph, aiming to promote the widespread adoption of Ceph open source technology and build more. Perfect industrial ecology.

ZTE is a core member of the Ceph community and a leader in Ceph commercialization practices. At the meeting, Zhu Wei, Chief Architect of ZTE Virtualization Products, delivered a speech titled "Get into the Cloud and Move with the Needs - TECS CloveStorage Distributed Storage" and shared with the guests ZTE's Ceph community and product business. In the process of the contribution and experience.

Zhai Zhu, Chief Architect of ZTE Virtualization Products

ZTE's TECS CloveStorage solution is based on Ceph, the industry's leading open source distributed storage system. It features high performance, high reliability, and high scalability. On the basis of open source, the functions of telecom-class applications have been expanded, including intelligent deployment, complete storage management functions, and performance tuning. ZTE TECS CloveStorage is suitable for large-scale storage resource pools, virtualized data centers, large and medium-sized databases, multimedia video data storage, Internet applications, backup and disaster recovery and other fields and industries. With differentiated competitive advantages such as unified storage, open compatibility, flexible expansion, flexible configuration, high performance, high reliability, automatic operation and maintenance, and ease of management, ZTE's TECS CloveStorage is widely used in more than 320 NFV projects and government projects in the world.

While the commercialization process has achieved great success, ZTE Corporation has also actively contributed to the community and promoted the continuous development of the open source industry. Currently, ZTE ranks second in the world in Ceph community contribution and first in China. A number of ZTE's technical experts serve as the community's Core Members (core members), and the individual contributes the second in the world and the first in the country. The entire team took 4 of the individuals who contributed to the Top 30 in the community, and 6 of the top 50 employees.