ZTE Announces Commercially Available Intelligent Optical Crossover Products

- Mar 06, 2018-

Recently, ZTE released commercially available intelligent optical cross products. The product is based on all-optical switching technology and can realize fully-automatic optical cross-connection. It can effectively avoid the problem of wrong connection caused by too many connected fibers, reduce the burden on deployment and maintenance personnel, reduce the overall network construction cost of operators, and effectively promote E-OTN Smart minimalist network fully landed.

With the advent of the 5G era and the rapid emergence of new services such as 4K, VR, cloud computing and big data, the traffic in the east-west network is rapidly growing and the business needs more flexible scheduling. Therefore, the ROADM technology will be applied more widely. However, as the number of ROADM sites increases, the complexity of the optical fiber connection in the site increases geometrically, which brings great inconvenience to operation and maintenance and makes it difficult to meet the requirements of rapid and flexible service deployment. ZTE's intelligent optical cross-connect products enable optical layer scheduling and reduce end-to-end delay, and support more than 32 optical directions to achieve up to 800T + cross-connect capacity. The novel optical design enables optical backplane slots and The one-to-one correspondence of the boards, the higher integration, can effectively prevent the wrong connection, and reduce deployment time from several days to several hours to improve the efficiency of post-maintenance.

ZTE's general manager of optical transmission products, said: "ZTE intelligent optical cross-products can effectively solve the ROADM network, a large number of optical fibers, and even complex fiber problems for operators to save investment costs and operation and maintenance costs, improve operational efficiency; In the future, the product will evolve into optoelectronic hybrid backplanes, enabling optical hybrid crossover within the same sub-rack, enabling operators to deploy more flexible and efficient optical transport networks. "

5G pioneer, bearing the first. In order to meet the arrival of the full cloud in the era of 5G, ZTE will continue to strengthen R & D investment in new optical and transmission network technologies and new products, and create a more intelligent and simple optical transport network for operators, which will continue to make important contributions to the development of global optical networks contribution